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Computer Repair Frequent Questions

Sorry, we do not work on any type of phones or tablets.

Yes, we can help you with common computer issues remotely.  There are some issues such as wifi connectivity and severe virus infections that might require drop-off service.

On average it takes 1 or 2 days for common issues.  If your computer requires ordering a part such as a hard drive it may day more time.  If we are backing up excessive amounts of data prior to setting up a new computer or reloading Windows 10 that may require extra time as well.

Our virus and malware cleanup is $65 no matter how long it takes!  View more information on our pricing here.

No, I do not have a retail store.  This is what allows me to offer my computer troubleshooting services at price much larger than the typical computer repair store or big box retailer.

I starting building my own desktop computers back in the late 90s.  I continued as a hobby and then eventually I got a job working IT Technical Support at Danfoss Power Solutions in Easley, SC.  I have built a customer base over the years working on computer and have also been a web designer in the area.

Please contact me and we will make arrangements.

Sorry, the only hardware replacements I perform on laptops are hard drives and memory installs.  

Yes, however you will need a licensed copy of Microsoft Office or a subscription to Microsoft 365 also known as Office 365.  All software I install must have a valid license or subscription.