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Computer Virus Removal

If you are getting pop-ups, ransomware notices or if your browser goes to unexpected web pages it could be a sign of a computer virus or malware infection.  Sometimes you don’t even know you have a virus until your computer becomes slow.

PC Troubleshooting

Your computer may need a tune-up if it’s become slow.  I can install important Windows 10 updates and security patches to bring the computer up to current standards.  I also look for suspicious software and remove anything that could be slowing down the computer or causing a security issue.

Data Backup & Recovery

If your computer were to die today would you lose all your files?  Don’t wait until a disaster to backup your important files, photos, music, and videos.  I can help you setup cloud backup.  I can also help recovery data when your computer crashes.  If I can’t recover your data, we won’t charge you.

Computer Optimization

Sometimes you don’t know what is wrong with your computer.  It was fine one day and then suddenly it’s extremely slow.  Perhaps you need help installing software or have some type of error message.  I can help with general computer troubleshooting.

Remote PC Support

Some of the most common computer problems can be solved with remote support over the internet.  You won’t need to leave your home or business to get help.  There are cases where internet connectivity or severe viruses may require you to drop off the computer.

Web Design

I also run an Internet Web Design Company and Digital Marketing.  We perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help increase your organic rankings with Google.  I have a variety of affordable web design packages.  Visit us online at